Media Upload

If you want to send us files then below you will find the instructions to use our WeTransfer service.

Step 1.

Choose your Images

You can upload as many images as you require up to a maximum of 20GB in size.
If your images are contained in the same folder you can upload the folder instead of the individual files.

Step 2.

Enter your Email Address.

Enter the email address you would like us to use to stay in touch with you.

Step 3.

Enter your Message

Here is where we need your name, a telephone number (so we can call you about your needs) and all the details about what you would like us to do.

Step 4.

Hit the Transfer Button

Once you have done the first 3 steps hit the transfer button. We will get in touch within 2 working days.

Ready to send us files?

If you have read the instructions and are ready to send your files then click on the button below
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